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Azure – Network Security Group – Do I need to set an Inbound or Outbound rule?

Network Security Groups (NSGs) are Azure layer-3 firewalls, they basically allow filtering traffic based on Source/Destination IP, Port and Protocol. It's a very simple component but yet lately I got a little confused around Inbound/Outbound traffic. That's why I'm writing... Continue Reading →

Deep-dive: Azure DSC Extension for Windows VM – Push Mode

Powershell DSC is, from my perspective, the best way to bootstrap a Windows VM in Azure mainly because: it's regular Powershell DSC and you can pick and choose Push and/or Pull it doesn't require any agent to work since it's... Continue Reading →

Azure DevOps – Build and Deploy a Windows Self-Hosted agent

Although Microsoft-hosted agents are generally a good option for Build and Release; there are certain cases as: Security: you might want to control policies and access control to the VM. Networking: you might need to deploy from Azure DevOps to... Continue Reading →

Validating Azure ARM Templates with Pester

Although there are plenty of post around using Pester to validate/test ARM templates, most of their approach is around validating the ARM Template contains the components you expect or deployed components are the ones you expect too. However, to me... Continue Reading →

How-to Migrate Subscriptions from one Azure AD tenant to another

It isn't a frequent task but moving a subscription from one Azure AD tenant to another can be a real headache since, although resources aren't actually moved, there are plenny of manual work to be done. On top of this,... Continue Reading →

Azure Application Gateway – Reference Guide

Azure Application Gateway (AAG) is one of the most interesting components in Azure. Although it seems simple enough, it might get very tricky to get it working. This components isn't that well documented and interacting with it for the first... Continue Reading →

Using SQL Server DB for DSC

Currently DSC Pull Server supports using ESENT DB or MDB as back-end to maintain DSC Clients registration. However, this approach is not scalable for highly available scenarios (such as two Pull Server behind a load balancer) or globally distributed environments.... Continue Reading →

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