ProfileHello! My name is Leandro, I’m an IT professional based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I passed pretty much my whole professional life working for multi-national companies in different infrastructure areas. I started as a software packager working with Altiris, then moved to work with Operating System Deployments (focused on Windows and Windows Server) where I learnt a lot around each OS and how-to automate against it. Finally, I’m currently working in Cloud computing where, if you love to automate stuffs, I feel where I belong. During my career I made my little incursions on developing such as writing Web Apps on VB.NET and C# and then API as well.

I’m married and have a toddler daughter which I love to play with and spend really fun times. So, in this blog, I’m posting articles explaining different situations I had to face and how I resolved them; this is my way to get back to the community. I try to write at least one article per week but you know work/personal life some time is challenging since this becomes the third category. Hopefully, my blog is useful for you and if you have any comment, feedback, better way to do things, more than welcome to get such feedback!